Best IWC Replica Da Vinci calendar watch


This year, the nations of the country to express the text of the series to change the usual barrel-shaped shape design, launched in 1985, the classic Da Vinci calendar IWC replica watches for the inspiration, the continuation of the 20th century, 80’s classic round case design style, the introduction of a new Wenxi series of watches. To the classic round case re-interpretation of the Da Vinci series, blend of the 20th century, 80’s legendary design style and modern low-key style, to maintain the universal watch has been respected modern style simple style. (Watch model: IW392101)

The new Da Vinci series is designed specifically for women, the design of the Da Vinci automatic watch 36 and Da Vinci moon phase automatic watch 36, and a new appearance of the appearance of the appearance, while the advanced technology and complex functions clever fusion Of the Da Vinci calendar calendar watch. Da Vinci calendar chronograph watch its famous mechanical timing function and the permanent moon phase profit and loss display function integrated in a small dial, which is the first dual-time disk and moon phase profit and loss display integrated in a small dial Watches.

In order to create this excellent timepieces, IWC replica watchmakers are committed to the development of new 89630-type self-movement. The timing of the watch and the minute hand are integrated into the small dial at the 12 o’clock position. The reading of the recorded time is easier and easier to read than the cumulative time on the individual accumulator. Central blue steel timing pointer can be accurate to one hundredth of a second, and with flyback function. Movement design makes the timing function can continue to run, not on the watch 68 hours of power reserve caused significant damage.

Watch with 43 mm 18K red gold case, case thickness of 15.5 mm, with silver dial, dial with a number of display features with four small dial, but the symmetrical distribution of the layout is still harmonious and clear. Dial 12 o’clock position with moon phase and timing two-in-one dark blue small dial, small dial time to time to innovate, the two-pointer instructions, read more convenient. The moon phase shows the extreme precision, the moon phase profit and loss shows the actual profit and loss cycle with the moon every 577.5 years accumulated 1 day error, that moon phase display every 577 years only need to adjust once. Dial 3 and 9 o’clock position are equipped with a date display disk and week display disk, 6 o’clock position with a small seconds and the month display panel into a small dial, 7:30 location with four digits of the year Display window.

And 1985’s Da Vinci perpetual calendar watch used in all the different round crown, the new Da Vinci calendar best IWC replica watch the crown and the two buttons with a cylindrical shape. 18K red gold crown crown carved brand logo, side with anti-skid texture.

Watch with dark brown crocodile leather strap, with a double sheet folding clasp, wearing soft and comfortable. At the same time, with a curved two-angle removable watch ear strap more fit wrist, to enhance the comfort of wearing a watch.

Watch equipped with 89630 self-made self-winding chronograph movement, through the watch transparent sapphire glass table, you can enjoy the embedded blue steel screws with sophisticated design, engraved with brand logo red gold pendulum and The rich ornaments on the bridge. Watch can provide 68 hours power storage and 30 meters waterproof depth.

Summary: Although the white dial on the four small dial, occupy all the positions of the dial, but the symmetrical balance makes the dial orderly. This also benefited from the 12 o’clock position of the dark blue dial design, only 3 mm exquisite lunar at 12 o’clock position, dark blue circular display plate on behalf of the Earth’s shadow rotation and then show the moon phase profit and loss changes. Watch official offer for 318,000 RMB, is the new Da Vinci series of outstanding representatives.