Breitling brand characteristics


Underwater style: quartz technology’s application in watches injected new vitality into Breitling replica. Developed in 1958 dedicatedly for deepwater operations, the Breitling “Deep Sea” full-steel quartz diving replica watches can resist water pressure as deep as 1000 meters, with the safety factor 10 times better than normal watches, and even outmatching Rolex, Omega and other traditional international high-end watch brands. There is a one-way stop for divers to record lap time on the watch, and with the newly developed anti-nitrogen-pressure-burst patents, it can release accumulated nitrogen out of the watch in the case of pressure decreasing, avoiding water infiltration into the watch. The success of the “Deep Sea” series, expanded Breitling’s territory from up in the air down to under the water.


Excellence out of excellence: Breitling’s spirit of bold exploration and new ideas in watchmaking are best interpreted in the launch of the “Emergency” model in 1988. On the bottom of this fake watches, there is a miniature waterproof transmitter that can transmit pulse signals at the frequency of 121.5 MHz twice a minute, within the temperature range from -20 ℃ to 100 ℃, with a transmission range of up to 160 kilometers and a continuous working time of up to 20-28 days. This design allows the “Emergency” model to be widely used at emergency events in aviation, sea diving, hiking, adventuring and so on, so that rescuers can determine the location of people in danger within a short time, which is another major breakthrough of watch functions. When the watch is displayed at the Marcel exhibition , it aroused acclaims of other watch makers immediately.