CARTIER TANK Replica Watches TANK series



CARTIER TANK Replica Watches series

Cartier TANK watch was born in 1917, designed by Joseph personally, after nearly ninety years of baptism. This series of wrist watch diameter movement by 9 points, gold watch case; Appearance concept derived from the French veyron (RENAULT) tanks of parallel plane; Tank track shape evolution be perpendicular to the watchcase lateral bar, to install a fixed straps cross pin. Roman numerals, train tracks type ring, blue steel pointer breguet type, crown for the pearl shape & spherical sapphire inlaid, leather strap. The product of the combination of master’s war and aesthetics, become a permanent TANK & wrist growing in the future development of the specification.

Tank series is one of the top model, Cartier originality is also the square and rectangular table of modern interpretation. Tank series circular line first to predict the beauty of the art deco style rules, its geometry design but also the modern standard of aesthetics.

Have the nature of modern style acme Cartier Repilca Watches series, pure elegant and timeless design of victory. Tank watch for its many fanatics, is the symbol of life: they avoid luxury to boast about, like simple and true elegance.