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IWC replica swiss watches winter choice

Years pass, the old days are lovely and respectable, the New Year is fearless and Zhiyuan. IWC replica swiss movement watches Mark 18 Eighteen watch (left) Gift of early heart and adherence to the pilot watch “Little Prince” Special Edition (right) Carry wisdom and sheer volume, leap rivers and lakes, Off the power, burning another new year.

Long-lasting centenary, set sail far
Set sail, is a large round of ice crushed the sea when the departure of the horn, is remembered the time stamps do not look forward to the development of a decisive move. At the beginning of the new year, why not let the snow fly to the wrist, adjust the mast, raise the sail, heading for a new adventure. IWC Portuguese replica watches Chronograph (left) and the Portuguese Chronograph Classic (right) condensate the glory in seconds, happy life sailing.
The vast majority of time, free and easy to the United States

Time wise people more bright eyes white teeth, let the love of circulation more clear and quiet. Has not been missed, has not yet arrived without fear. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, would you like to turn it into a ceremony with Ivorian Auto Watch Ito (left) and Portofino Fino lunar phase automatic top swiss replica watches 37 (right) Buckle the moment, clear and gentle welcome to the next Chinese year.

IWC Da Vinci Replica automatic watch 36

This year for the IWC, the most noteworthy is the newly launched Da Vinci series. The new Da Vinci series has changed the usual barrel shape design, inspired by the classic Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar introduced in 1985, extending the classic circular case design of the 1980s. In the Da Vinci series, iwc replica watches for sale specializes in the DaVinci automatic watch 36 and the Da Vinci moon phase automatic watch 36 two watches, the luxurious red gold diamond DaVinci automatic watch 36 (Watch model: IW458310) simple and elegant design.

In order to meet the different needs of women love table, the universal expression Wenxi automatic watch 36 launched a total of two kinds of red and steel materials to choose from, and the red gold is divided into the diamond watch with a red gold bracelet and leather table equipped with cortex With diamond-free watch models, stainless steel models also include a diamond watch with a raspberry pink leather strap, a blue leather strap with a blue dial and a watch with a stainless steel bracelet .

Da Vinci 36 automatic watch not only smaller diameter, thin thickness, more suitable for women, in the design also revealed the feminine temperament. Round crown, stepped dial inner ring, diamond decoration, red gold or raspberry pink leather strap, many details of the exudes women’s gentle charm. Even at the bottom of the table also has a non-unusual design, each one of Da Vinci automatic watch 36 are engraved on the bottom of the table “flower of life.”

Watch with 36 mm 18K red gold case, case thickness of 10 mm, bezel inlaid with 54 gorgeous diamonds. Watch with a silver-plated dial, white dial with 18K red gold solid digital Arabic numerals, at the dial at 6 o’clock position of the circular date display with the integration of these time scales. When, sub-pointers also use 18K red gold to build, located in the middle of the dial blue steel second hand is very eye-catching.

Watch the semi-circular crown design, more rounded shape, in line with the feminine soft temperament. Crown made of 18K red gold, non-slip texture on the side after treatment, easy to operate.

Watch with 18K red gold bracelet, butterflies bracelet bracelet fixed firmly in the wrist, movable table earrings make the bracelet more fitting wrist.

The “Flower of Life” engraved on the bottom of the watch is a geometric figure made up of multiple overlapping rings drawn by Da Vinci through further research. This shape reflects his tireless pursuit of beauty and mathematical rules, but also a symbol of the design features of the new Da Vinci watch series. Watch equipped with Cal.35111 self-winding movement, can provide 42 hours of power storage.

Summary: This section of a red diamond version of Da Vinci Automatic Watch 36 is this year’s IWC replica swiss movement watches for women to create a new style, but also Da Vinci Women’s watch a more luxurious one, the official offer is 289,000 RMB. Red gold with diamonds have to say is a lot of women are very much like the elements, the integration of simple design after the shape of the entire watch just right.

IWC Blue Portuguese watch series

Meaningful blue, bear in mind the pioneer pioneering the road. Stainless steel case, rhodium-plated pointer, dark blue dial, IWC Portuguese series of automatic watch to create a charming subtle contrast, elegant and timeless. Double barrel can achieve seven days of power reserve function, energy infinite, wonderful non-stop.

IIWC Portuguese series automatic watch
Model: IW500710
Diameter 42.3 mm, driven by the 52010 self-made movement, Bialon automatic winding system using ceramic components. Embedded time standard perfect harmony, perfect ear ear to bring a more comfortable wearing experience, the overall match with black Santoni crocodile leather strap.
Reference Retail Price: RMB92,500
Blue respect, inherited Wang Yang’s fearless, and create a new unknown territory. As the IWC Replica one of the most iconic watch, the Portuguese series chronograph for the first time equipped with a blue dial, the overall layout of simple and neat, introverted subtle and elegant eye-catching, exudes a unique distinguished style.

IWC Portuguese series chronograph watch
Model: IW371491
Diameter 40.9 mm, equipped with mechanical chronograph movement, accurate and efficient. Case thickness is moderate, comfortable to wear, with minutes and seconds chronograph function. Equipped with double-sided anti-reflective convex sapphire glass table mirror, black Santoni crocodile leather strap.
Reference Retail Price: RMB 56,000
When the precision of the Tourbillon encounter deep blue, cantilever feeling better. IWC Portugal series Tourbillon manual winding watch equipped with mechanical cantilever installation of the minute Tourbillon, kept the scene like a never-ending curtain of the aesthetic performance. Hanging in the hollow dial of the Tourbillon every 60 seconds around the axis of rotation, thereby offsetting the impact of gravity, to ensure accurate travel time, to the United States and technology, extraordinary.

IWC Portuguese series Tourbillon manual winding watch
Model: IW546305
Diameter 43 mm, equipped with mechanical movement, the full chain can provide 54 hours power reserve, vaulted edge mirror in the visual reduction of the cheap replica watches thickness, with transparent sapphire glass table and Santoni crocodile leather strap.
Limited edition of 100 pieces.