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The origin of “Marie-Antoinette” Breguet pocket watch N° 160


Breguet is a Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches founded in 1775. Its founder Abraham-Louis Breguet is recognized as an important character in the history of the watches worldwide, also known as the “father of modern watchmaking” and “king of watches.”

In the Breguet retrospective show at the Louvre, people linger in front of Breguet timepieces of superb technology and crafts. What attracted them most was the unique slim case, clear and elegant figures, straight pointers and machine engraved guilloche dial of Breguet watches. Watch aficionados around the world have agreed that each Breguet watch reflects an extraordinary watchmaking standard, which worths keeping for generations.

When the French Queen Mary met Breguet, she was immediately attracted by the exquisite, slim and precise watch. Queen Mary is one of the craziest aficionados of Replica Breguet. Breguet spent 44 years to design a watch specially for the Queen Mary, i.e. the “Marie-Antoinette” Breguet pocket watch N° 160. Its extreme complexity, ancient origin, and story like an epic legend, have been lingering in the hearts of collectors and connoisseurs for over 200 years.