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IWC Pilot’s Replica Watch Double Chronograph TOP GUN

Besides being one hell of a good looking pilot’s copy watch with the coolest complication/movement you’ll probably find at IWC, this new Double Chronograph TOP GUN also marks the comeback of two iconic features of the brand.

This 39mm steel replica watch had it all: the no-nonsense design, the robustness, the simplicity of the display to enhance legibility and the complex chronograph movement developed in-house with a strong focus on reliability. In short, an icon that would be the mother of all the following IWC pilot’s watches.

While the split-seconds chronograph function is undoubtedly one of the finest complications in watchmaking, it is complex to develop and fragile on a daily basis. However, these early IWC Flieger fake watches were meant to be used and abused. They were tool watches meant to serve as instruments, not to spend half of their lives at a service centre.

As a whole, this new IWC Pilot’s Copy Watch Double Chronograph TOP GUN Ceratanium isn’t exactly new; it is more of an evolution of existing models rather than an unprecedented creation.

Is the IWC Pilot Watch Top Gun still the Cool Cat?

Is this contemporary black ceramic interpretation of the world’s most famous watch, really the coolest iteration to date? The predecessor of the famous IWC Pilot Fake Watch is now the fashion cat of the series?

The Top Gun’s movement, calibre 32110, is an ETA 2892 base, and the Classic’s calibre 35111 is based on the Sellita SW300, which is… indeed, practically the same.

Despite the minimal factual differences between the Top Gun and its Classic brother, there’s definitely something about the IWC Pilot’s Copy Watch Top Gun that gives it a little more presence on the wrist. It’s just a bit cooler, more masculine, more contemporary.

That’s partly because the case is 1mm bigger. But it’s the black ceramic case that really makes the difference. That matte black is just cooler, more modern and amplifies its tool Swiss Replica Watches character. This is one watch that goes perfectly well with that jeans-and-T-shirt-look, or that stands out during your rolled-up-sleeve-meeting at the bar.

The watch is standard delivered on a NATO strap, which of course is a cool choice, but also an odd one. First of all, NATO straps are quite cheap and the Top Gun is definitely not a cheap replica watch.

Best IWC Pilot’s Copy Watches Online

Now that we’ve completed our overview of the Top Gun, Spitfire and Classic collections we’d ask you to stow your tray tables and please pay attention to the final instalment in our series – the IWC Pilot’s Replica Watches collection.

Now, IWC’s St Exupéry watches are named for the famed author of Le Petit Prince, who was also, it turns out, a pioneering aviator, and he was lost during a reconnaissance flight over the Mediterranean in 1944.

The classic chronograph iwc replica takes a decadent twist thanks to the glossy brown dial that’s a hallmark of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry line. Rich, warm and irresistible.

IWCReplica big boy gets a blue facelift with a beautiful blue starburst treatment, which elevates the utilitarian dial design into far dressier territory.