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The IWC Da Vince moon series automatic replica watches 36

The automatic watch 36 launch, is a comprehensive regression function of Iwc replica watches Da phase in Vince columns. The Da Vince series launched phase watch a total of three different types of optional. A watch case for the steel case, bezel inlaid with 54 diamonds, and equipped with a dark brown alligator strap; the other is a steel watch, equipped with a dark blue alligator strap. There is a bronze with Crocodile Leather Watchband red gold watchcase watches (watch type: IW459308), enjoy a.

Mellow and smooth lines, color case noble precious material, semi round crown and display lunar complex function, watch exudes elegant temperament, very suitable for love in the pursuit of luxury style and superb technology, elegant people. It is worth mentioning that, after the new design, the upgrading of the mobile ear watch, so that watches wear more flexible and comfortable, while improving comfort.
Although the actual operating cycle of the moon for 29.53 days, but the classic moon gear system design can break five homes in four to 29.5 days. Gear automatic daily push display plate to move a tooth, to display the moonphase correctly. Depending on the requirement, the wearer can update the display at 2 o’clock by means of the attached pin.

Watch with 36 mm 18K red gold watchcase, watchcase thickness is 11.5 mm, the traditional round case collocation of white silver dial, dial inlaid with black Arabia digital stereo calibration, the dial is arranged on the edge of the black minute scale. Digital time scales within a circle of low-key groove, the central three pointer to pointer light blue steel, elegant color dial. Watch the 12 o’clock position with the moon phase display window, the window, the night sky blue background represents the collocation of golden moon and the stars, moon phase display below the standard Iwc replica watches brand logo.

The watch crown is exquisite and small, using a semicircle design, more rounded shape. The crown is made of 18K gold, the side through non slippery texture processing, easy to operate.

The watch is equipped with a copper alligator strap with a copper tone that gives the best details of the scale of the leather strap. Strap with 18K red dial buckle, more secure and secure. The utility model relates to a movable cheap replica watches ear design, which makes the watchband more ergonomic and more compact.

The watch is equipped with 35800 type automatic upper chain movement. The power is extracted from the wrist swing of the wearer. It has 42 hours power storage under full string, and the watch has a waterproof depth of 30 meters. The watch’s bottom is inscribed with the flower of life, and the flower of life is a geometric shape made up of multiple overlapping rings, drawn by Da Vince in depth study. This model reflects his relentless pursuit of aesthetic and proportional mathematical rules, as well as the design features of the new Da Vince replica watches series – creativity, technology and aesthetics.

Summary: Circular watchcase, semi-circular crown, removable watch ears, the new Da Vince series came out with a new gesture, while maintaining a low-key, modern style. On the basis of the 36 phases of the automatic luxury replica watches, bring back to Da Vince series moon phase function, with phase function of Da Vince watches more elegant and charming, with complex function. This watch is officially priced at 127000 RMB.

The IWC replica automatic watch 36 gold section

This year, the Da Vince series to pay tribute to the classic design return to the public eye, showing a lot of fun and surprises to our design, like the clear and conspicuous disk, sword shaped pointer intuitive and sharp, and the classical arch crown, and design series of human foot: Ten movable table ears. Bring a brand culture, visual feast to watch enthusiasts. Knowing that the new product is on the market, we visited the store in the Oriental Plaza in Beijing and presented the new series replica watches for this year’s SIHH show. Among them, a universal phase automatic watch 36 gold money to greet the eyes, the soft red and blue cursor and entertaining the perfect blend, showing excellent sensory enjoyment. Now, let’s look at it together:

Watch model: IW459308

Silver Dial
This year, Da Vince launched a total of three phase models, respectively, red steel and stainless steel, diamond. As a low-key luxury gold, show a unique smooth and delicate texture. Silver plated white dial, inlaid with three-dimensional time scales and blue pointer in sharp contrast to the white disk, fresh and fashionable. The moonphase display at IWC replica 12 standard position, after the hide button the 2 o’clock position can be directly adjusted, convenient and quick.

Red gold watchcase

Gold table ear

The bottom of the table is engraved with “flower of life”, which is beautiful and elegant under the deep study and drawing of the brand, which symbolizes the combination of creativity, technology and aesthetics. Equipped with 35800 automatic winding mechanical movement, security IWC replica watches and phase function correctly display time.

Another feature of this watch is the use of the Santoni alligator leather strap, which brings a more comfortable and gentle touch to the watch.

Summary: in the shop and store decoration to create a relaxed and full texture of the product in the atmosphere, we also saw the most pilots and engineers in series series shelf sale, Portugal’s new Chronograph also have to shop in the sale of love, or the recent purchase of IWC table to table friends, may wish to look at a look.

Tang Yi Xin met Iwc Da Vinci replica

Weird, sweet and fresh, Tang Yi Xin with personal first TV series “harem • Zhen Huan Biography” into the public view, followed by the dedication of the screen for a number of “sweet and salty” Variety role. From the “blue fox legend” dare to dare to hate the bell, to the “military adviser Union” in danger of Guo Zhao, Tang Yixin dedicated to use acting to prove that he is “Variety sugar.”

Outside the screen sugar sugar love life, love travel, clothing full grid. That was so that everyone was enchanted quiet blue and crystal powder, in the interpretation of sugar, chic and comfortable, unique style.

Blue symbolizes the quietness of freedom. In the adult world to maintain the beginning of the heart, do not follow, do not obey the Tang Yi Xin a refreshing and capable summer style, choose to wear IWC million words to express the text of the automatic best replica watches 36 (model: IW458312), simple and neat blue dial perfect set off female independence temperament. Blue is also a symbol of Smart, playful sugar and sugar with the overall dark blue tone of the IWC replica nations to express the text of the moon phase automatic watch 36 (model: IW459306), with a smile to cure the world, with the romantic conquest of the summer, with the jump blue declaration, I I’m free.

Iwc Da Vinci replica automatic watch 36 (model: IW458312)
Iwc Da Vinci replica moon phase automatic watch 36 (model: IW459306)
Pink symbol Tian Mei mood. In the world of women the most charming color than the bright pink, infinitely gentle in it. Pink is shining color, as if the sunrise when the sky a touch of soft, refreshing. Warm Sugar Sugar in the summer choose IWC nations to express Wensheng automatic replica watches 36 (model: IW458308), eye-catching berries pink Santoni crocodile leather strap, a touch of bright lines in the wrist, plus sugar sweet fresh, full Full of free atmosphere.

Iwc Da Vinci replica automatic watch 36 (model: IW458308)
Blue mystery and the beauty of powder, which is your most real color? Unique taste of you, let us together to decode the beauty of time.