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Needless to say, Rolex Day-Date replica is a classic watches. Know what’s what with the table at home, the darling of the eyes of collectors. For me, the Rolex Day-Date replica is like LV old color wallet, my first luxury purse, the university saved up pocket money for months, braving the hot summer nine, was not sitting in air-conditioned Metro Line 1, ITC 1 layer LV store, loved treasures. Although more than 10 years after they purchased over other brands, only the first LV presbyopia which will come up with so far, because it really light wear, no problems.

My first one is not a luxury  Rolex Day-Date replica, nor the other Rolex replica watches. So that after a period of time to chat with old friends, always said that he is gone astray, became a Kaner heart.

As LV wallet 80-85 generation, presbyopia, gold Rolex Day-Date, gilded Dupont lighters, all the way to see the big movies. Perhaps not the wallet, watches, lighters the most suitable for their own, but it is necessary first to buy, buy, Kaner did not, not hypocritical not thinking about, and go buy something else.
Since 1956 they realized the advent of the first Rolex Oyster Day-Date watch (Day-Date) a prominent innovation, it comprises 18ct gold or platinum style, is the world’s first on the surface of both the calendar window but also showed a full write-week watch, which can be considered a great technical achievement at the time. He inherited the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch waterproof, dustproof, and eye-catching large blisters calendar display, and only use the precious metal casting. Day-Date Rolex replica watches at the time was known as the “flagship”, by the advent of a celebrity who is very much favored.

Since decades later, Day-Date has appeared on the wrist of the US president, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon … also appeared in Hong Kong passenger, Shanxi coal bosses, illustrious elite wrist was we know.

This first assembly of a Day-Date Ref.6511 Rolex replica Cal.1055 movement, movement to free sprung balance wheel and screw trim make this Day-Date at the time remain competitive.
By 1959, known as the Rolex replica “most practical and luxurious” movement Cal. 1555 birth, and is used in the new Day-Date, having a compensation screw balance wheel, at the time its high accuracy, shock absorbers good effect, launched after the praise continued. Until today, collectors and table it in the Friends of influence still exists.

Ref.1803 production is by far the longest on the Day-Date Year of history’s most famous, carrying over Cal. 1555 and Cal. 1556 two generations of the movement, the movement frequency difference is that the pendulum rose from 19,800 to 18,000.
Until 1977, Ref.1803 finally come to an end. cheap Rolex Day-Date replica model is changed to five digits, the increase in the last digit is used to distinguish the case materials, including 8 gold, platinum is 9, platinum is 6. In the meantime Day-Date also experienced two changes, one change from Aggreko sapphire crystal glass table mirror, provide better water resistance, from 50 meters to 100 meters. Second Day-Date 1972 finally stop  seconds function, to achieve a more convenient and accurate adjustment time.

By 1988, known as the “king of self-winding movement,” the cal.3135 appears, Day-Date also put on display cal.3135 added cal.3155 week, it has been in use ever since.
Compared to Cal.1555, high accuracy Cal.3155, using a double-alloy springs, less susceptible to temperature changes, Cal. 1555 is a double blue steel gossamer. Calendar and week can fast transfer, Cal. 1555 week fast transfer not only 24 hours to jump day, or reverse eight hours to turn back to adjust. Cal.1555 unilaterally fixed the balance cock with the old compensation screw balance wheel, Cal.3135 balance wheel bridge table with two side screws, more stable solid.

2014 of a Ref .118138 “Green Jelly”, in addition to the “gilded body care,” air show bright green, at first sight as Mensao Cancer. Late last year should be most cost-effective time to start, I sadly missed. Now 2, 110, 000 yen (RMB 110,000), green or cognac color, can not wait a year to sell cut lung also buy a kidney.

Day-Date is good, but the 36 mm diameter table is not suitable for everyone. 2008 best Rolex Day-Date replica II launched the cheap replica watches diameter increased to 41 mm, it is considered the aesthetic ideas of change and people’s increasing stature weight. 41 mm in diameter, with heads of state and crown clasp type strap, seem more in line with the aesthetic standards of modern business people. Movement more use with high shock resistance and anti-magnetic Parachrom gossamer and new Paraflex shock absorbers Cal.3156 movement, precision and stability has been further improved.

At this year’s Baselworld, best Rolex Day-Date replica released its most blockbuster films this year, a new generation of ultimate precision Rolex 3255-type movement. The new Rolex patented Chronergy escapement, fitted with improved Parachrom blue gossamer, a new barrel design. 14 patented technologies, including its accuracy, power reserve, reliable performance, easy level seismic force, magnetic properties, and the tuning process, the level beyond the Swiss official identification of authorized chronometer (COSC).

Admittedly, Day-Date replica initially for me, just a feeling, I simply do not concern the old table, the impression of a high-end watch should be like this. And when you understand it in, you’ll love it more, especially after it in the bag, each come to favorites Rolex Day-Date replica , there is always a table in one hand do not want nothing https://www.iwcomm.com satisfaction.