IWC Portuguese Replica Constant Power Tourbillon Watch

IWC Schaffhausen presents five limited edition IWC Portuguese replica watches in the special edition of the 150th anniversary of the brand at the SIHH. IWC Portugal Series Constant Powered Tourbillon Watches “The 150th Anniversary” special edition is the most technically demanding watch in the collection. It features the first ever dynamic tourbillon with a simple moon phase gain and loss display.

The Anniversary Special Edition collection has distinctive features and is complemented by white and blue dials made with a superb lacquered finish. (The real shot for the white dial)

Constant power tourbillon placed above the dial

The new IWC 94805 self-winding hand-wound movement combines a 96-hour power reserve with a first-of-its-kind dynamic tourbillon and a simple moon phase gain and loss display, requiring a day’s correction only after 577.5 years.

Back through the design, through the sapphire crystal glass we can see the movement components.
Clasp engraved IWC special commemorative decoration

Real shot
Summary: On the occasion of the anniversary celebration, IWC showcases the brand’s craftsmanship in Haute Horlogerie through its new five IWC Portugal limited edition watches. All models are the anniversary of the special edition series of uniform design. Its patented constant power unit delivers an absolutely even power to the escape wheel. Combined with the tourbillon, it balances the negative effects of gravity on the swinging system of the watch, thus ensuring a high level of accuracy. This special commemorative watch, to a certain extent, also represents the constant pursuit of watchmaking skills by IWC.

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