IWC Replica introduced the Portuguese double chronograph chronograph


To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Canada, IWC Replica announced the launch of the Portuguese double chronograph chronograph “Canadian boutique” special edition (model IW371220), limited edition 150. The watch is unique in that the third button can be used to start and stop the double chase second hand, within two minutes of a minute of different time to the measurement of precision to seconds.

The new “Canadian boutique” special edition watch is based on the eternal design of the Portuguese series in the 1930s, with dual chronograph function, which can be measured in two minutes. This is a limited edition luxury replica watches, the global issue of 150, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Canada’s founding. The watch is equipped with stainless steel case and silver dial, 12 o’clock position of the 30-minute cumulative timer and 6 o’clock position of the stop small seconds with black decoration, the pointer after rhodium-plated processing, 30 minutes cumulative timing pointer and the central The second hand is red. With black crocodile leather strap, so that the overall appearance of this cheap replica watches more elegant. Back engraved maple leaf pattern, which is Canada’s most representative elements, the flag and the national emblem can see it on the shadow.

In addition to the regular timing function, the dual chronograph chronograph is also equipped with a unique mechanism. Press the button at 2 o’clock to start two timestamps at the same time. Chase the second hand pin over the main timer pointer above the two indicators to run independently, press the button at 10 o’clock position, chase the second hand to stop the main clock pointer to continue running. This allows you to measure two time records within one minute. And then press the button once, chase the second hand immediately catch the main time pointer, whether the former is in the stop or run.
IWC out of the Portuguese double chronograph chronograph “Canadian boutique” special edition will be in December 2017 in the Toronto boutique on sale, it is reported that the price of 14,300 Canadian dollars, equivalent to about 76,300 yuan.