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Not that I didn’t drink coffee last Monday. I just didn’t drink coffee in the office, but on the terrace in Rome. Sant ‘Eustachio Il Caff è has been serving delicious coffee in Piazza di S. Eustachi since 1938. That’s why I skipped the episode of “Observation and Conversation at Coffee Corner” last week. Nevertheless, no matter how good Rome Cappuccino is, it is also a good thing to go back to the office and chat over a cup of coffee. Like a complex IWC replica watch, the replica watch is reserved only for a few AMG One owners, but there is also a lime green, Miami Beach ready Speak Marin, and the FDNY Foundation × William Wood’s bravest replica watch.

You cannot purchase the IWC Big Pilot replica watches “AMG ONE OWNERS” (reference number 590502). Well, you can, but only if you first buy the Mercedes AMG One, which is a super sports car and basically a legal Formula One car on the street. The latest Big Pilot replica watch has a patented constant force mechanism, which can transmit the force pulse to the escapement mechanism. This is a technical watch, just like a matching car. The tourbillon of the internal movement 94800 can compensate for the negative impact of gravity, and the double cylinder provides 96 hours of power reserve for the manual chain up movement. The movement is placed at 46.2 × In the 13.5mm titanium aluminide (TiAl) housing, it is a high-tech alloy with high temperature resistance, and is also used as a component of high-performance engines in motor racing. This should be a lot of technical things, which can impress your colleagues when watching the conversation in your coffee corner.

IWC Replica Watch

The IWC replica watches

In order to match the replica watch with the car, IWC Big Pilot’s replica watch Henglituo flywheel version “AMG ONE OWNERS” shows the color of Mercedes AMG ONE. The integrated black and green rubber strap is the most obvious link between a watch and a smooth, well-developed car. One of the highlights of Mercedes AMG One is the V6 hybrid unit jointly developed with F1 experts. Its total output power is 1063 horsepower, helping the car sprint to 100, 200 and 300 km/h in 2.7, 7.0 and 15.6 seconds respectively. If you want to know how fast the Mercedes AMG One is, it has a cool top speed of 352km/h.

Please don’t put down your coffee and hurry to the local Mercedes dealer to order a super sports car. Unfortunately, this is not the way it works. Mercedes will find you. Just like IWC will find you after you purchase Mercedes AMG One for 3522400 euros (Dutch price including tax). When IWC does this, you will also find the price of the watch. The estimated price is about 250000 euros. Yes, this watch and car are a super luxury combination. From a budget perspective, the super duet of cars and watches may be out of reach, but if you want, you can see that the car is working. The public premiere of Mercedes AMG One will be held at Goodwood Festival of Speed, starting on Thursday, June 23.

IWC Replica Watch

Summer Edition

If you like green, but don’t like the blue-green of the Petronas green seen above, or the darker color, such as Jaeger LeCoultre Polaris Date replica watches? What if you like your green vegetables to be brighter, more fruity and more tropical? Well, Speak Marin has just released the “Summer Edition” of Double Time Lime, which amazed Miami Beach. But it will also be beautiful in Copacabana or Bondi Beach. The good news is that when you sunbathe on a tropical beach, you can still keep in touch with cold families because your watch has a dual timing function. This is due to the movement of the SMA (Speak Marin Atelier) family. The open replica movement SMA02 is manufactured by Le Cercle des Horlogers. Since the double time lime “summer version” is a part of the One&Two series, it has a small second hand and a backward date at 1:30.

The unique and classic shape of Speak Marine Piccadilly case is combined with the modern flavor of black DLC titanium element. With excellent scratch resistance, DLC replica watch is an ideal choice for watches designed for beaches. The contrast between black and greyish green can also be seen best when wearing sunglasses. After wearing sunglasses, you will be able to fully appreciate the double time instructions in black and lime, as well as the heart-shaped and lime green hands. There is a choice between the 38mm and 42mm versions. Yes, # couplegoals is true, but in general, it’s good to have a choice.

IWC Replica Watch

Fireman Wood

Like the William Wood brand logo, the Bravest replica Watch features a large fire history. The dial has William Wood’s logo, which is the profile of the British brass fireman’s helmet in the 1920s. The seconds/minutes mark around the dial is also a square mark on the side of British fire engines. In addition, the second hand of the watch is inspired by the sound of an ancient fire clock. If you ask why this brand uses firemen’s helmets, here are the answers. William Wood is the name of the late grandfather of the founder of the brand. Fireman Wood has served in the British Fire Service for more than 25 years and has been awarded for his bravery.

IWC Replica Watch

Writing Coffee Corner replica Watch

On my wrist, you may have seen the blue version of IWC REPLICA WATCHES Calibre 400 that has been written in the sky. It is a sharp watch in almost any sense. I really like its angular lines and shapes. It’s easy to wear and enjoy. Some people say that the dial is flat and boring. However, as you may know, boredom can be good – low-key design can help a lot. A major problem you may encounter is that brushed titanium will immediately show even the smallest scratches. Just my two cents.