Patek Philippe’s legendary World


Now, the commemorative watches theme exhibition held by Patek Philippe in the 175th anniversary celebration at the Replica Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva continues, while Patek Philippe has started early preparations for its 200th anniversary in 2039 under the lead of its president Thierry Stern.


Since its founding on May 1, 1839, Patek Philippe has always been adhering to the tradition of Geneva advanced class watchmaking industry. As an independent watchmaker, Patek Philippe enjoys complete freedom of innovation in the designing, production and until the completion of the watchmaking processes, thus making its timepieces approved by the world’s top watch experts. Patek Philippe’s refined precious works, classic and elegant timepieces combine the advanced technologies and traditional watchmaking skills, and are rare masterpieces worthy of a heritage from generation to generation. With its exceptional watchmaking experience, Patek Philippe has owned more than 80 patents, leaving an indelible mark for its long tradition of innovation.

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