Rolex prices rise, is it far for other brands?


On February 27, Rolex repilca products in Taiwan have a comprehensive price increase of 4%. You might say “So what? Just another price increase of a certain brand, nothing to be nervous about.” But for people familiar with the watch market, the price increase of Rolex is undoubtedly the weather vane of all Swiss major brands, so Rolex is always a topic in the watch industry.

Rolex products huge amounts of fake watches, and controls discount strictly, but its sales have always been steadily growing. In the past, there is at least one price adjustment every year, and in 2006-2007 when the gold price went up, there were even three increases a year. It is quite rare for the Asian district to have only one price adjustment since 2011.

Rolex will not notice in advance for each price increase, even a familiar Rolex watch shop owner of mine also said the price increase will be exhausting for him, because he received the official notice only when he went to work early in the morning, and had to replace immediately all the price tags one by one. The main purpose of this secretive approach is to prevent shop owners in the area affected by the price increase from storing watches in mass and selling at higher prices, which will affect the normal operation of brand marketing. Of course, only very powerful brand dares to do so, while most other brands goes just the opposite: they will make notices several months before in order to improve the current sales.

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