Zhang Zilin’s IWC Replica”Da Vinci Code”


In the Renaissance, the great art masters, Leonardo da Vinci, dumped his life to crack the science and aesthetics of the code, with its unique imagination to decipher the relationship between time and space, and “Da Vinci Code” has become people The pure beauty of the heart of the pronoun. Inspired by its pioneering spirit, Swiss watchmaker Shafuhausen IWC replica watches launched Da Vinci series, in the square between the aesthetic and mathematical harmony. World Miss Zhang Zilin is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of the Da Vinci, she wore a new IWC watch Wensheng moon phase automatic watch 36, the decoding of the United States.

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World Miss Zhang Zilin wearing IWC wrist watch the moon phase automatic watch 36 (model: IW459306)
For more than half a century, IWC wrist expression of the followers who have never stopped the pursuit and creation of beauty, their courage, calmly confident, in the years of experience to unlock their own life, “Da Vinci Code.” The gentle atmosphere of Zhang Zilin is the perfect interpretation of the spirit of this. In the IWC watch Wensi series watch large shot before the camera, who had a tall figure into the people of sight Miss World, now glow from the inside out of the mature charm, to the world to interpret her life password.

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Zhang Zilin, who has a background in sports training, has received track and field training from the age of eight. His talent and diligence have made her perfect body and neat personality. After a long time, she made a model, was elected the first Chinese Miss World, involved in film and television performances, for his wife, but also recently in the new mother, toward the “perfect life” the prospect of running all the way. And all this in Zhang Zilin view, are derived from freedom and love – not for the glory of the shackles, to boldly explore life in the infinite fun and true love – this is her “Da Vinci password.”
And IWC watch the same as the attitude of women, Zhang Zilin leisurely life, love has also given love, work and life balance for her as a tacit understanding. Become “fashion hot mom” Zhang Zilin and her husband agreed with the children grow together to enjoy every important stage of life. Zhang Zilin always behaved placid, her beauty is not for others, more like a serious commitment to life. Once the challenges and achievements to give her from the heart of the mature and self-confidence, so that today IWC IWC large release of pure beauty Zhang Zilin.

World Miss Zhang Zilin wearing IWC nations to express the text of the moon phase automatic watch 36 (model: IW459306)

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The large filming, Zhang Zilin wearing a new IWC watch Wensheng moon phase automatic watch 36, simple and harmonious round case back to the 80’s legendary design style, moon phase profit and loss show is the female romantic temperament and advanced Tabulation of the fine Zhen technology blend. Zhang Zilin Zhong love of the West series of pure beauty, “whether it is modern simple white shirt, or lace chic dress skirt, can complement each other.” Classic shape, the surface engraved Da Vinci “flower of life” also won her favorite, multi-overlapping ring to build a balanced, harmonious free world, just as Zhang Zilin decoding of the mystery of life.
“IWC watch the world is harmonious, free, do not see any shackles, I think I also.” Zhang Zilin no fear of breaking, nor indulge in glory, it is from such a self-confidence, courage and love. Five years ago to put all the wisdom into science and art of Darwinism so; focus on technology and innovation, always adhere to the extraordinary technology and superb technology to pursue the IWC table is also true, and this is beyond the time of pure beauty.